The Mueller Memos: It Was Jared & Ivanka In Croatia With The Russian Oligarch THE WHOLE TIME!

One more thing Wonkette wanted to let you know about that gigantic tranche of Mueller Memos,because we mentioned we had been VINDICATED YET AGAIN. And that is true, but only partially.

Allow us explain you!

During the 72 years of the Russia investigation, because there was so much we simply didn't know, there were often little trails to follow, and you never were sure if you were on the right path, until something would finally come out and tell you if you were completely wrong, or if you had been VINDICATED. One of those involved the weirdest thing that would come up time to time, involving a Russian oligarch -- the fertilizer oligarch, in fact, so that's some big shit, right?! -- named Dmitry Rybolovlev, who bought a South Florida mansion from Donald Trump in 2008 for way too much money, and who during the Trump campaign just had a way of being close to Trump or his campaign team at the strangest of times. Or at least his plane or his yacht would be.

In August of 2016, just after the Republican National Convention, a bunch of Trump people were bumpin' uglies (their faces, we mean they were bumping their faces) in the Hamptons, and Rybolovlev's plane just so happened to be there. Specifically Ivanka and Jared were around in the Hamptons at the time, along with a handful of others. Then the oligarch's plane flew to Nice, and nobody knew where the Trump assholes were, because they had kinda gone radio silent. Then it flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia, at which point all of a sudden Ivanka Trump was Instagramming her big Croatian vacation, where she was hanging out with David Geffen and Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, who allegedly use to date Vladimir Putin, and who is possiblya Chinese spy who handles Ivanka and Jared!

Oh and Rybolovlev's yacht was also there in Dubrovnik at the time.

Well, fast forward to the Mueller memos, and here is Steve Bannon, emailing somebody at Breitbart in 2017, not long before he was quit-fired from White House, and when his power struggles with Javanka were at fever pitch, and he said oh yeah, Javanka was vacationing with Wendi Deng AND A RUSSIAN OLIGARCH in Croatia at the time.

Here's the record of a Bannon interview with the FBI from February of 2018, which appears in the Mueller Memos on page 109:

Bannon knew Kushner was on vacation off the coast of Croatia with a Russian billionaire when Bannon took over the campaign. Kushner was with Wendy [sic] Deng, the Russian billionaire, and the Russian's girlfriend. Bannon said his friends in the intelligence community said the girlfriend was "questionable." Bannon called Kushner and told him to come back from vacation. They had 85 days to go, no money and they needed Kushner to come back and fire Manafort.

And here are the emails from the middle of 2017 between Bannon and somebody at Breitbart:

At 4:26 PM on July 24, 2017, Steve Bannon wrote:

He was on "vacation" off the coast of Croatia with a Russian billionaire when I took over campaign

At 4:30 PM, Breitbart person wrote:


At 5:01 PM, Steve Bannon wrote:

Dude !!!

And at 5:05 PM, Breitbart person wrote:

How do we prove that

That's game set match

They sure thought it was important! Interesting how Bannon put "vacation" in quotes like that, like it wasn't really a vacation at all. Anyway, this was gonna be Bannon's smoking gun in his power struggle with Javanka in the White House and he was gonna TAKE. THEM. DOWN.


As BuzzFeed notes, the documents also show Bannon the very same day emailing with somebody at Breitbart about this story, about Jared doing weird dirty real estate deals with a "Soviet-born oligarch," Lev Leviev, who was then involved in a huge money laundering case.

Now, Leviev is a different oligarch from Rybolovlev -- for one thing, Leviev is the "king of diamonds," and Rybolovlev is the "king of fertilizer," so that should tell you how different those two wild and crazy guys are!

And the Mueller documents don't mention Rybolovlev specifically, they just say "a Russian oligarch," which is why we said we were only "partially" vindicated. But we do know that it was Rybolovlev whose plane and yacht went from "Hamptons" to "Dubrovnik" the same time Javanka did that.

When Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testified for the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff asked him if there were Trump-Russia things he thought warranted further investigation. This was specifically one of them. The story of why Dmitry Rybolovlev's planes and boats just had this funny little way of following Jared and Ivanka from the Hamptons to Croatia. And more in general, Simpson said there had been "rumors" of meetings of Trump people and Russians on yachts in Dubrovnik during that time. How odd.

We still don't know what it all means. But there's something there.

You know, unless it was entirely innocent and Jared and Ivanka bought some fertilizer at the Home Depot which automatically entered their names in a contest to spend a week in Croatia with the literal king of fertilizer and who among us who buys fertilizer at the Home Depot wouldn't jump at the chance to spend a week in Croatia with the literal king of fertilizer, and maybe Jared and/or Ivanka won the contest, and that is all this is.

Unless it isn't.

[Mueller memos]

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