The National Prayer Breakfast Is Especially Homophobic And Murderous This Year

The National Prayer Breakfast Is Especially Homophobic And Murderous This Year

Everyone hates Barack Obama extra much today for speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, which is racist against gays. Basically every President since Hillary Clinton has attended this thing, but Obama is in trouble because some of the hosts of this year's breakfast—obviously a group with the word "Family" in the name—want to... guess what horrendous thing... quickly... time's up! The answer is "execute all the homosexuals in Uganda. "

It's not just your Wonkette up to its old hyperbole again!

The organizations say some of the members [of the conservative Christian group that organizes the breakfast, called The Family or The Fellowship] back legislation in Uganda that would criminalize homosexuality, with the death penalty possible in some cases.

A number of liberal religious leaders have organized an “American Prayer Hour” on Thursday to protest the National Prayer Breakfast.

An organizer of the “Prayer Hour,” Harry Knox of the pro-gay-rights Human Rights Campaign, said Tuesday that he hopes Obama uses his address at the breakfast to condemn the Uganda law.

"We're not surprised that the president wanted to continue the trend of every president speaking at the prayer breakfast," Knox said in an interview with the website BeliefNet. "But we thought it was important that he recognize that his attendance has great power -- that the event can be redeemed, frankly."

So, the gays want this to be a National Prayer Brunch, is that the issue?

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