The New Pornographers: The City of Frederick

UPDATE: We've learned that the city of Frederick is also selling copies of the records of the Maryland madame prostitution sting, and they're selling them cheap: "For $20 apiece, anyone in America can now buy from the city as many as three compact discs containing unspecified pornographic images." (So like government: Pay $300 for a hammer, but fucking give the porn away.) The material is also available to be "privately viewed" at City Hall. Bring your own tissue.

Who does America have to thank for this bounty? Well, two news organizations sued for access to the documents, but also a concerned private citizen, Daniel Trey. Courageous, yes, but unclear on the concept: "Somebody's got to find out what they were trying to cover up." In any case, Trey is dedicated, speaking to the press only briefly, while "taking a break from sifting through the e-mails, police reports and other written documents. . . . He said he intended to go through each page of the released materials." We're sure. Maybe more than once, if necessary.

City selling copies of 'black book' discs []

Behind the Times [Wonkette]


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