The New Republic Debunks Paris Hilton's Policy Plans!

The New Republic Debunks Paris Hilton's Policy Plans!

Important news from the Wonkette Inbox(!): "Today on, Dayo Olopade offers the definitive fact-check of Paris Hilton’s energy recommendations in her new 'campaign'video. While Hilton’s video is perhaps a humorous response to McCain’s recent 'celebrity' ad featuring her likeness, Olopade concludes that even Paris, alas, gets the facts wrong on offshore drilling." While this seems like the perfect setup for a Rick Roll, or a blinking screen that says "No Shit," Mr. Olopade did, in fact, write this article challenging Paris Hilton's claims. What's next? Jamie Kirchick's imaginary response? UPDATE: Oh dear, someone e-mails to say that it is actually "Ms." Olopade, which we strongly considered Googling to confirm, but now we're just racist. [TNR]


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