Katie has built a magnificent journalism career on a great set of legs. And this Craigslist poster, with a little luck, may end up with amazing breasts -- which she'll parlay into an anchor's chair of her own:

I know this is a long shot, but it's worth a try. This month I attained my B.S. degreee in journalism with a minor in marketing. I hope to one day soon be a leading broadcast journalist, but feel that my small chest is holding me back.

bras.jpgI am seeking understanding, kind-hearted people who are willing to invest in my A-cup breasts and help me finance a breast augmentation surgery and advance my career in broadcast journalism.

The surgery will cost $3,000 and get me up to a full C-cup. I believe that this is the final piece that I need to have more self-confidence and gain better job opportunities.

In this day and age, I know how important looking good is for any career. I know this surgery will increase my chances three-fold on top of my education, experience and talent.

Please reply if you can help. This is not only an investment in my confidence; It is an investment in my fruitful career. Thank you.

This is one shrewd woman. A nice rack will take you far -- just ask Katherine Harris, whose breasts got her elected to Congress. At the very least, an ample bosom can get you a photo op with Secretary Rumsfeld.

Please, let's help her out!

Cute college grad seeks donors for new boobs - $3000 [craigslist via NewsBusters (hehe)]


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