The Obvious Reliable Choices

After the jump: The official announcement of the new Reliable Source(s), Posties Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts. At least they will have an excuse to write in first person plural.

Note: The most excellent thing about not being named the Reliable Source ourselves will be our continued pleasure in mocking the WP Style section. Good luck, girls. We'll be gentle. At first.

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We're delighted to announce the appointment of the next Reliable Source, or rather Sources: Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts.  

After more than a decade chronicling the social life of Washington, Roxanne knows everyone on the Capitol Hill-Georgetown axis. Born and raised in Minneapolis, she started in the Style section in 1988 and has been an invaluable guide to state dinners and to life Out & About. Amy is a native of Alexandria and a 10-year Post veteran, who has been a reporter for both Metro and National. She is a pop culture junkie whose tour in Los Angeles has sharpened her already formidable skills at celebrity spotting.

Both Amy and Roxanne have exciting ideas for further expanding the reach and impact of The Reliable Source, one of the paper's signature columns and the first place many readers start their day. As part of that effort, we expect to increase the frequency of the column and to expand its presence on the web.

We're excited about this new era in gossip and encourage everyone to share with Amy and Roxanne those delicious tidbits that make the Source a must-read.

Deborah Heard                                                                Steve Reiss


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