The Ocupados Have Arrived At CPAC!

The Ocupados Have Arrived At CPAC!

Finally, some action! The Occupy people have reached CPAC and are protesting around this cute kitty furry structure near the driveway. So far no murders, but maybe if the kitty keeps squeezing that worker? Squeeze the worker, Garfield, squeeze him for every last Amero! Oh and that fellow with the long hair at the bottom of the photo, see him? He was bickering back and forth with some business-attired dildos across the driveway, about whether we should "like" the One Percent. No consensus was reached.

They went all the way down Woodley Road, yelling about their precious total lack of wealth. Get a job at Taco Bell! Mitt Romney demands it.

They had breached the field outside the evil Marriott Wardman Hotel & Conference Centre last we saw, but so far, the electricity in this building still works. Any second now, Heritage Foundation, any second.

Is the driver of this Occupy counter-protest Mitt Romney car that was speeding by smoking a pipe? Optics, man, optics.

Mittens is about to speak, and we hear he's got a truckload of demerits to issue to these uncouth hippies outside.


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