• Here's Sarah Palin, dressed like an extra from Bonfire of the Vanities, talking about Alaskan national snowgames. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Carly Fiorina has been disappeared, and thus joins the ranks of every single person and tanning machine in Alaska plus one Ohioan teleprompter. [Daily Kos]
  • McCain confirms his status as forgotten, tragic Hemingway character as he tells Hunting and Fishing magazine about some catfish, in Arizona, that he's tried to catch for hundreds of years. I go fishing for catfish. The catfish I go fishing for are in Arizona. I have been trying to catch catfish for years in Arizona. Since the war, catfish have been good. [Jonathan Martin]
  • HRC canceled a chance to protest Ahmadinejad just so she could avoid Sarah Palin, who will also be there for god knows what reason. [Top of the Ticket]
  • It is literally impossible to overstate the importance of Matt Drudge and the Matt Drudge blog. [The Fix]

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