[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/e9ovpY_Xoqc&hl=en expand=1]
After the actual candidates' messages to World Wrestling Entertainment's viewers, there was a fake match -- the first fake match in Wrestling History -- featuring two faux candidates. What else to say? Our tipster sums it up nicely: "In an election cycle where wrestler endorsements are announced with fanfare, and public statements on WWE and American Idol, this is not the most disheartening low-culture moment of the campaign. But I did yearn for Bill Clinton to come back so we can farcically caricature politicians in ways that won't lead us into a prolonged round of headshaking. The amatuer wrestler portraying Bill is the saving grace of the day the profession of politics died." It is the most authentic moment of the past seven weeks, years, or decades. [YouTube]


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