The Phil Philes: Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent

Alitofacebook-3We would probably drop our inquiry into the personality and background of Son-of-Sam Alito, Phil, were it not so clear that he's a very cool dude. Is that okay, right-wing blog police? We're so not calling him gay (though that would make him cooler). His Facebook entry (click to enlarge) suggests a straight (girlfriend!) Simpson's fan who doesn't like his picture taken. More to the point, as one reader discovered, his Facebook pals include two students who joined with the ACLU to fight for the right to publish an article about sex in their high school paper. Were they allowed to come to dinner?

Sadly, his Facebook entry has been disappeared, the second scrubbing off the web of evidence that the Alitos are not a tribe of wingnutty fascists. A Colgate alum wrote in to tell us that the website administrator of Alito's college paper found the first disappearance rather mysterious: "She was supposed to be one of only two people that had administrative access to the website that the bio mysteriously disappeared from, so she's a bit in the dark as to how the powers that be managed to take it down." Of course, that's what makes them the powers that be. In any case, we're taking the hint, Phil. You're a shy guy, we can respect that.Tell your dad we didn't mean any harm. And, Jesus, be sure to tell that to the powers that be, too.


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