The Planets Are Aligned, Now Is The Perfect Time To Boycott The DNC


  • 2010 attack ads seem to come earlier every year! [RedState]

  • OH merciful heavens! The SEIU are coming! The SEIU are coming! Quick Kenneth Gladney, go hide in the fallout shelter! [Gateway Pundit]

  • Will America do the right thing and invade Fort Hood for harboring "al Qaeda?" There is, after all, a rather alarming precedent. [Weekly Standard]

  • Is there anything the Westboro Baptist Church does like? How about puppies? Or chocolate cake? No. God hates it all. [True/Slant: Harmon Leon]

  • AMERICAblog and Daily Kos are boycotting the DNC! Yes, they will no longer purchase boxes of Frosted DNC Flakes at the supermarket, even though the kids love it. The generic brand is more reasonably priced and just as tasty. [AMERICAblog]


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