The Political System Works, Assuming You're Okay With Scum-Suckers!


According to True Democracy, it is good for politicians to remake their positions according to the political will of the body they're representing. (Maybe! PoliSci 101 was just boring enough for us to drop the shit out of it and read poetry for four years instead. American Politics is easy enough to figure out by reading like two articles per week and not being fully retarded. And yet...) But according to common humanity, Harold Ford Junior is the embodiment of diarrhea. This morning: "I am pro-choice -- have always been since I entered politics almost 15 years ago." In 2006, when he was running as a pro-life candidate: "Let me say this. No, no. I was not pro-choice at one time." HAROLD, FOR THE LAST (not really) TIME, YOU ARE NOT BARACK OBAMA. [Eschaton]


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