The Politico Knows Where You Sleep, Dawn


  • The Politico, having already sufficiently raped and pillaged the Morning, Evening, and Afternoon, now has its sights set on the THE DAWN, the rosy fingertips of which it will pry its signature demon scooplets from mercilessly. (No but, uh, actually. See bottom.) [Ben Smith]
  • Nate Silver's pet Andrew has thrown up some math numbers about tied elections being rare (...?), but not before warning us that "probably Nate could come up with something a bit more precise." Sad. [538]
  • Slate has a CONTRARIAN new article about how pointless the G20 is. Just try telling that to the millions who have risked their iPhones and limited-run sneakers and taken to the streets today in London to march against (or for?) something or other. [Slate]
  • 2008 human souvenir Carly Fiorina might mount an unsuccessful run against Barbara Boxer. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • A sneak peek at the ADP report reveals that something like three quarters of a million jobs were lost in March. But this is good news, you see, because now that there are no more jobs, we cannot possibly report greater losses in April. [AMERICAblog]

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