The President's Famous And Farming Is Hot

It's Friday! Lounge in some articles about presidential legacies, lazy candidates, and a changing farming industry.

  • Here's an article about why presidents shouldn't be concerned about how they will look when they go down in history. We're pretty sure the main thing history is going to remember about President Obama is he was the first black president to love gay people! That is, until another one of those comes along and we remember he signed off on the "indefinite detention" act. [The Atlantic]
  • Can Mitt win by doing nothing? The GOP seems to prefer it. It's like they're at a stage where whatever Romney does, they go, "GOD, can you STOP? WHY ARE YOU MAKING SUCH A MESS OF THINGS. YOU ARE A DISGRACE." We at Wonkette like to imagine the GOP as an episode of America's Next Top Model. [Salon]
  • This article is about how we can change and fix and ameliorate the American agricultural industry so we can make more money and be better people! Hopefully, the new reboot of Dallas will help make farming sexy again. [Slate]
  • And finally, open up a cool can of Coke, which nearly all of the world drinks now! Except two countries, one of which will make you go, "Those poor souls! Good thing they have relatively good healthcare!" and the other of which will just make you depressed in general at the state of the world. Hint: It's not Syria or Iran. [NPR]

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