The Question Is: Imus Asks Kerry About "Anything"

So in all the self-consciously gruff mumbling, we lost track of how Imus steered Kerry to the intern question. We still don't have a transcript, but a nice tipster provided us with a clip, which we can play over and over until our teeth fall out, we die, and CJR's Campaign Desk does a happy little dance on our grave.

As best as we can type:

Imus: . . . Is there anything, anything that's going to come up. . . for example, there's this Drudge Report about an intern, I'm sure you've heard about it. . .

Kerry: Yes

Imus: . . . It hasn't been reported anywhere but people are talking about it. . .

Kerry: Well, there's nothing to report, so there's nothing to talk about, and I'm not worried about it, no. The answer is no.

As some of our correspondents have pointed out, this bears the marks of a non-denial denial: He's saying there's nothing to report -- wishful thinking, surely, but also not a direct refutation. He's saying there's nothing to talk about -- which is patently false. Here we are talking about it! He's saying he's not worried. Which may be true. We hear he's on Xanax.

Democratic front-runner Senator John Kerry (D-MA) calls in to talk with Imus this morning [WFAN]

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