The Red Pill Ladies Auxiliary Had A 'Submissive And Feminine' Holiday This Year

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The Red Pill Ladies Auxiliary Had A 'Submissive And Feminine' Holiday This Year

While we spend a lot of time here on talking about horrifying anti-feminist men, which is easy on account of how there are so many of them, there are also a whole bunch of horrifying anti-feminist women out there who, frankly, are actually weirder than the anti-feminist men. Logically, it makes sense to me why men would go around thinking "Boy, it sure was great when women waited on us hand and foot and couldn't vote or anything!" — but it's hard to see what a woman would get out of it. You know, aside from getting to do the whole crappy "Pick me! I'm not like other girls!" schtick, which I have never had to do on account of how I am actually awesome.

So I thought we'd visit the Red Pill Women over on Reddit and see what they were up to during the holidays. And yes, it was fucking weird.

Just to clarify, because there are just as many varieties of anti-feminist ladies now as there are varieties of anti-feminist men, the Red Pill Women are not the same thing as Tradwives. There's crossover for sure, but it's not exactly the same. The Tradcons are the way they are for moral/political/religious reasons, and the Red Pill ladies see their whole approach as more "scientific." They're like Lady Jordan Petersons and/or Evo-Psych assholes. So the Tradwives are submissive to men and never question them because that's what Jesus wants and what they think will lead to a stable society, and the Red Pill ladies are submissive to men and never question them because that is what men have evolved to want. Pretty much the same pukey results either way, but a different philosophy behind them.

Oh, also the Tradwives are also usually white nationalists, so there's that.

Prior to the holidays, one of the Red Pill Women posted this handy dandy guide for giving your husband the best gift ever, which apparently includes being his personal slave. And not in, like, a sexy way.

The best gift you can give your husband, is to remove the pressure of the holidays by not having any expectations.

Don't expect a gift
Don't expect your husband to participate in any activities
Don't expect a thank you for cooking
Don't expect a thank you for cleaning
Don't expect a thank you for buying and wrapping presents for him or others

What kind of a person sits down and eats without saying "thank you"? I cannot fathom how that would even work, and I am surely nowhere near as "ladylike" as the Red Pill Women. I can't imagine not saying thank you to someone who just passed the mashed potatoes, never mind cooking an entire dinner. Are the menfolk just supposed to sit down at the table and start eating without acknowledging anything at all? As if it all got there by magic? If they have nice manners, will their penises fall off?

I also just can't picture anyone getting a gift and not saying "thank you." Is the manly Red Pill man to unwrap his gift in austere silence? Is he to grunt? Or is it just that if he doesn't say thank you, like a monster, you're not supposed to think that's weird? Because I assure you, that is bizarre.

Though apparently that's just what these Red Pill Women are into.

I love this! My husband is tired from working hard to support us. He deserves a break over the holidays without such expectations.

Like ... saying thank you? Which should just be an automatic response to anyone doing anything for you?

WHY AM I BETTER AT MANNERS THAN ALL OF THESE "LADIES"?!? Why do I, a supposed "man-hating feminist," have a higher opinion of men and their ability to cook, clean and say thank you just like any other adult human person than these man-loving anti-feminists?

Of course, many of these ladies claim that following the ways of the Red Pill Woman has led to them being ever so happy and satisfied in their romantic lives (you know, until they stab their Captains — yes, they call their husbands/boyfriends "Captains" — in the face with a steak knife after he refused to say thank you for the 800th meal in a row).

My husband and I exchanged our Christmas gifts this morning. It's been a strange few months for me trying to take on a more traditional role in our marriage since we both grew up in very feminist households and I wasn't sure how my husband would respond to changes.

Then this morning he absolutely spoiled me, as usual! In my stocking were aprons (I started wearing them recently and didn't realize that he LOVES them), baking supplies, a Sephora gift card (so I can "doll myself up" the way he likes) and so many feminine things! He told me how much he loved buying my gifts this year and how our life together is more than he imagined.

I can truly see how much he values my gentleness, how well I take care of our home and that I present myself femininely! It's so worth it ladies, keep it up even when the world is fighting against you! Our men need women :)

Yes, this doesn't sound like a kink at all.

I mean, aprons are fine! Like, this year my sister actually made my mom an apron that said "I Made It Nice" on it (it's a Real Housewives of New York thing) and it was adorable. I use an apron when I cook because I hate doing laundry. But I don't know. If a dude were like "OOH YEAH BABY I LOVE YOU IN AN APRON" I feel like I would run. It can't possibly be a good sign.

You are absolutely right! Traditional values are wonderful and work very well for a marriage. After Christmas with the family this morning my husband just said, "I'm tired, I could fall asleep right now." In the past I would have discouraged him from this for selfish reasons, but after motivation from this sub I said to him, "go take a nap babe, you deserve it, I'll take care of the baby." He was like, "really?" I want to continue this behavior to encourage him to be at ease, to help him be the best version of himself that he can be.

Yes, don't be selfish and ask your Captain to help clean up or anything like that, just tell him he deserves all of the naps. Because napping, if you are a dude, is a "traditional value."

Despite the encouragement to not expect any gifts, many of the Red Pill ladies claimed that being more "feminine and submissive" has led to them getting some very special presents.

Naturally, there were some pearl necklaces.

The word "spoiled" came up a lot:

I've been adopting advice from you ladies and my boyfriend (we are both 19) absolutely spoiled me today! He got me flowers, a bracelet, a stuffed animal, and a painting set. I feel so adored, and surrendering and playing up my femininity in this relationship has yielded amazing results.

One lady got earrings she didn't like but is wearing anyway to "honor" her man.

I was very blessed by my man! I got Miss Dior perfume, earrings that I didn't originally like but I've decided to wear them proudly and honor my man. I also got a spa gift certificate! Very good year indeed.

I would absolutely never say, "Oh man, these earrings are horrible and you have bad taste and are a jerk," and I would absolutely wear said earrings because I'm not a jerk, but phrasing it like that is so Stepford.

Of course, some ladies got nothing, not even a phone call, and were happy with it, because expecting literally anything from your "Captain" is for feminists! Just be grateful for his mere existence and that way he won't leave you for whoever he's boning abroad while he's not calling you and thanking you for that "vintage DVD" you got him for Christmas.

I gave him a vintage dvd which he'd been eyeing, and which he wanted to buy apparently, so it was a good choice! He was really happy with it. I didn't get anything from him, I said I'd like to speak with him on the phone but he didn't call me in the end. It has upset me a little bit but he doesn't know, because I am learning to not expect anything and be grateful for what he does do. Plus he's visiting his family abroad and been busy with that I'm sure.

In other news, "vintage DVDs." We are all one million years old now. You are welcome.

One lady just totally failed at being perfectly submissive in a way I do not actually understand:

It went well! He gifted me a nice knitting kit, a super expensive, warm jacket (the wind this winter has been no joke), and lots of adorable small things.

Not the ~greatest on "submission" though :/ my family is in town and I feel like he might have been trying to impress them(?), but they're kind of emotionless and awful. I never said anything in front of them but I definitely said how uncomfortable I was with the whole situation (them not getting his jokes cause they're awful people/general awkwardness) in private and I feel like I might have hurt his feelings with how I said it. Trying to make up for it now by telling him how much I appreciate his patience with me, and the lovely gifts he's gotten me.

What thing is weirder? Not telling someone "thank you" or telling a man how much you appreciate their patience with you when you did not actually do anything wrong? I honestly don't know!

Anyway, if there is anything I am thankful for this holiday season, it is that the only pill I am taking is Wellbutrin, and also that I do not have to deal with some carfone who grunts at me whilst I serve him baccala or any of that shit. Let us all try to not live our lives like the first half of an episode of Snapped, I say!

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