You'll never make a monkey out of Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Tancredo -- those three revealed themselves to be either the dumbest or the most craven three candidates on a stage with a lot of competition.

The Gold Standard question received a similar response, though Tancredo was the only one who refused to denounce the Fugutive Slave Act.

After the jump, watch the skin-crawlingly hilarious abortion question!

Chris Matthews' question: "Would the day that Roe v Wade is repealed be a good day for America?"

Match the responses to the old white dudes for fun and prizes!


"It'd be a glorious day of human liberty and freedom."

"Yes, it was wrongly decided."

"Most certainly."

"Absolutely, yes."

"Yes, a repeal."

"It'd -- it'd be ok."


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