The Road to Hell is Paved With Babies

* Bush, a student of history, would apparently liked to be remembered as pretty much just like LBJ, except without all the civil rights and domestic political successes. [NYT, WT]

* Mitt has realized that bullshit is out of fashion. [WP]

* Groups drop fliff like it don't even matter. [NYT]

* Denny Hastert's all like, "I'm old, I'm fat, I'm out this motherfucker." [Politico]

* Amnesty international? More like, Just-Go-Ahead-Harvest-The-Unborn-Like-So-Much-Wheat-Or-Corn-Or-Whatever International. [WT]

* Fred's going to do alright because of the teevee, but one of these days he's going to have to get a job. [LAT]

* Rudy acts all tough but he talks like a pussy. [USAT]


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