The Saddest Thing: Terrorists Twittering About The 'Mad Men' Season Finale

  • Nobody is investing in stocks anymore, which is bad for the stock market. [Bloomberg]
  • U.S. special forces killed a bunch of people in Damascus, including four children. The Syrians are not happy about this. [Guardian]
  • As they pull into their final week of campaigning, Barack Obama emphasizes hope about the future while John McCain waxes poetic about the glories of ... divided government. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Sarah Palin blames the sexist RNC for her awesome expensive wardrobe. [New York Times]
  • The saddest thing in the world: a terrorist "tweeting" about a terrorist attack, on the terrorist time-wasting application Twitter. [ABC News]
  • Mitch McConnell, that's your ass! [Washington Post]

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