The Salty Secrets To The Best Appetizers! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 21, 2022

The Salty Secrets To The Best Appetizers! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 21, 2022

Heather Cox Richardson on the Republicans' "shadow report" response to the House January 6 Committee's final report. Pretty sure it was Black Lives Matter. (Substack)

The con artist behind the "stolen election supercomputer" claims. No, the other con artist and the other claims. — Reuters

Omnibus bill has more money for January 6 prosecutions, presumably in case Marjorie Taylor Greene succeeds in defunding the DOJ. (NBC News)

Nancy Pelosi's omnibus statement. — Speaker

Wait a minute, if a state strips representation from its citizens, the 14th Amendment says we're supposed to yank its congressional districts? WE SHOULD DO THAT. (The American Prospect)

Look who hates the military voting, it is Ohio Republicans! — ABC6

Amy Grant thinks Jesus wants us to love each other? EVEN THE GAY ONES? Well that's nice then! (The Christianists are PISSED.) (Christian Post)

Jesus Christ, Uvalde. It wasn't just the cops. The police cars blocked the ambulances from getting there, and they made the helicopter with the blood wait three miles away. (Pro Publica)

That nice young neo-nazi Nick Fuentes is out of his parents' basement and living large. — Southern Poverty Law Center

Ninety-seven-year-old Nazi concentration camp secretary convicted, will not go to prison, because "humanity" or some bullshit like that. Sorry I'm not a prison abolitionist like Robyn, I would be perfectly happy for this old woman to die there, sue me. (NBC News)

Oh the Trump Org jury didn't like it when Trump's lawyers mocked a witness as unmanly because he had a high voice. That's fair, the witness is not Ben Shapiro, who should be mocked for anything possible at all times, even if we don't like it when they do it to non-bad people. Because that's nuance. (Daily Beast)

You know the law: You click when it's Dahlia Lithwick. You also click when it's Katha Pollitt. When it's Katha Pollitt reviewing Dahlia Lithwick's book (Wonkette cut link), that's a click squared. — Democracy Journal

Weeks old so it's not a spoiler, a very enjoyable post on who would die in "White Lotus" that is mostly wrong! (Gawker)

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