The Secret History of Unleash Chiang

Devoted readers are still puzzling out the meaning of Paul Begala's Sugar Land move, but they've busted "unleash chang" wide open. It's not a porny-sounding family in-joke, it's a Cold War-era family in-joke! And it's not "chang," it's "Chiang," as in Chiang Kai-Shek -- the plea to "unleash Chiang" was a rallying cry for those who thought the U.S. should allow Chiang's Nationalist forces to invade mainland China and drive the Communists from power.

It was also George H.W. Bush's secret horseshoes-winning chant. Correspondents seem to assume H.W. was mocking Chinese hardliners with the slogan, though we note that Jeb seems to take it sort of seriously, proving that the last generation's irony is this generation's earnest mi.

First and Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, Quemoy and Matsu Islands of Taiwan [Cold War Museum]


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