The Secret Mating Rituals Of Japanese Polar Bears

  • Barack Obama has just been holding press conferences all over the place, and he will hold another one today, to introduce yet another cabal of eggheads who will advise him on economic matters. [AP]
  • Heading Obama's economic recovery board will be Paul Volcker, the world's largest living man over the age of 80. [CNN]
  • The Obamas sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters and nearly smothered beneath an avalanche of softballs. [ABC News]
  • Private citizens can only donate up to $50,000 per person to support Barack Obama's inaugural activities. Apparently this is going to be a pricey event, on account of half the free world attending. [New York Times]
  • Barbara Bush -- the old one, not Jenna's sister -- went to the hospital in Houston for abdominal pain, but she is OK. [Houston Chronicle]
  • It is apparently very difficult to determine the gender of polar bears. [CNN]

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