The Security Council -- Is It... a Goer? Eh? Eh?

Atlas Shrugs scores an interview with John Bolton, and asks the tough questions.

Atlas: Did you grow up in a Jewish neighborhood?

[John Bolton]: No

Atlas: Did you know many Jews growing up?

JB: Nope

Atlas: It it seems to me you like Jews.

JB:Hysterical laughter

Atlas: Seriously folks. I'm just asking you because I find it's refreshing, and it's unique, and it's not the everyday so I mean, did you -- was your first love a Jewish girl? I'm just curious........ where'd it come from? C'mon John.

JB: Actually she was, but she wasn't religious.

Both laughing now. I am clapping

"What about black chicks? You like black chicks? Boriquas? Eh? The girls of the exotic Orient? Wouldn't kick them out of a Human Rights Commission, amirite?"

Yes, we posted this just so we'd have an excuse to run that picture again.

The Bolton Interview [Atlas Shrugs via Wolcott]


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