"The Situation Room," by the Numbers

Didn't catch the debut of "The Situation Room"? Catch up here. Henry the Intern figured out exactly how much you missed:

How many times are you in The Situation Room?

Number of times "in the Situation Room" was uttered during Monday's show: 58 (17 times in the first hour + 24 times in the second hour + 17 times in the third hour)

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "all right": 36

Number of times we were reminded the show was "live": 36

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "standing by": 11

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "developing story": 6

Number of times "exclusive access" was mentioned: 5

Number of times we were told the information was being gathered "simultaneously": 5

Say one thing for the show: It's going to make for an awesome drinking game.


"The Situation Room": What Was It Called Again? [Wonkette]

Transcripts from CNN:

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Clinton's Challenge; Survey Says; Presidential Energy; Monroe Drugged?

Insurgent Attack; Weapons Found; Return of the Shuttle; Yakovlev Pleads Guilty in Oil-for-Food; Gas Prices Soar Further; Peter Jennings Profiled


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