"The Situation Room," by the Numbers

Didn't catch the debut of "The Situation Room"? Catch up here. Henry the Intern figured out exactly how much you missed:

How many times are you in The Situation Room?

Number of times "in the Situation Room" was uttered during Monday's show: 58 (17 times in the first hour + 24 times in the second hour + 17 times in the third hour)

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "all right": 36

Number of times we were reminded the show was "live": 36

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "standing by": 11

Number of times Wolf Blitzer said "developing story": 6

Number of times "exclusive access" was mentioned: 5

Number of times we were told the information was being gathered "simultaneously": 5

Say one thing for the show: It's going to make for an awesome drinking game.


"The Situation Room": What Was It Called Again? [Wonkette]

Transcripts from CNN:

Interview With Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff; Space Shuttle Discovery's Homecoming Delayed; NORAD Mission Detailed; Energy Bill Provisions

Clinton's Challenge; Survey Says; Presidential Energy; Monroe Drugged?

Insurgent Attack; Weapons Found; Return of the Shuttle; Yakovlev Pleads Guilty in Oil-for-Food; Gas Prices Soar Further; Peter Jennings Profiled

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What did we say this morning? Something about how "They want a war with Iran," and "Please do not listen to news reports about Trump telling his people to cool their jets with the Iran talk, because they want a war with Iran, and all they are looking for is their trigger"?

News came out early this morning that Iran shot down a US drone in the Strait of Hormuz, outside Iranian waters. Let's see what our president and his war-bonering GOP shitmouths in Congress have had to say about that:

Great. Just great. So what's happening now?

Awesome. Just splendid. Trump is having a cuddle party today with John Bolton (who's had a hard-on to bomb Iran since the Bush administration); Mike Pompeo (who's been making the rounds lying and saying Iran and al Qaeda are best friends, thus implying that it's very legal and very cool for Trump to strike Iran without congressional authorization, based on the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) Congress voted for five days after 9/11); and Patrick Shanahan, the outgoing acting Defense secretary, who will make way for another acting Defense secretary, because who needs real Defense secretaries? (The new guy, Mark Esper, is part of the meeting too.) And as Senator Schatz points out above, Trump is emotionally unstable and doesn't know dick about foreign policy, so it's just great that he's having an emergency meeting with these unhinged hawks about this right now.

Tell us what this all means, unhinged hawk Lindsey Graham!

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