The Slow Descent Into Madness of the Government Reform Committee

madness.jpgSelections from the occasional blast emails from a deputy press secretary with the Government Reform Committee:

From: [reacted]
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 3:16 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: 5-25-06 Chmn. Tom Davis' Letter to OMB

How are you? I hope this email finds you well.

Please find the attached letter from Chairman Tom Davis to Ms. Karen Evans of the Office of Management and Budget regarding the TCE contract and how it runs counter to the goal of establishing an efficient government-wide communications environment.

After the jump, derangement sets in.

From: [redacted]
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006 2:16 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: Hi - Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) & Govt. Reform Schedule

How are you? I hope you are well. Has your favorite old 70's or 80'sband come back for a reunion yet? Who would you pick? My friend just bought Journey tickets. Love to hear if you have a good or bad story about your old favorites making a trip back to 'spandex.' Attached & below our schedule for Government Reform.

And finally, full-blown, late-stage Larry Kingitus.

From: [redacted]
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 2:31 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: Update: Hi - Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) & Govt. Reform Schedule

How was your weekend? I hope this email finds you well. Perhaps you were either a 'giver' or a 'receiver' of the annual, really bad necktie this weekend. If on the 'receiving' end, where will you decide to wear your new fashion statement? I wish there was a holiday in June that honored single women for surviving on our own. Substitute 'annual necktie' for 'yearly Manalo Blahnik' and I would proudly show off my gift at work, just like the rest of you.

Just a quick note to let you know that the business meeting scheduled for Thursday has been postponed until further notice.

Don't let this happen to you: Never work on the Hill for more than a decade.


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