The Special Purpose of Fingers

So jealous: We talk smack about W. all the fucking time and we have yet to hear from the White House. John Aravosis recycles the "Bush flipping the bird" clip and suddenly he's on track for putting red flags in flowerpots and the White Correspondents' Dinner and who knows what else:

David Almacy just called me from the White House communications office to clarify the reports that Bush flipped off reporters yesterday while visiting the Hill. David says that Bush was definitely giving the thumbs up sign with regards to the upcoming CAFTA vote (Central American Free Trade Agreement). I asked David if I could write about our conversation, and he said please do.
Aravosis claims to be skeptical of the "thumb story" but we point out that the White House only lies off the record.

In a pre-buldge-on-back world, we might be surprised that the story of Bush's bird made it into the mainstream press as well, but we are no longer surprised. We are, however, impressed by their style. Ken Herman, proving there's a reason why professional journalists get paid:

Mr. Leno interpreted it as, shall we say, a finger of hostility. Each of our fingers has a special purpose and meaning in life. (Laughter.) Can you tell us what finger it was he held up?
Maybe Ken can explain the pinky.

The White House just called (seriously) [AmericaBlog]

July 28, 2005 Press Briefing []

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