'The State of the Union Is ... Screwed Beyond Belief'

Oh, the drinking games .... - WonketteStock up on whisky and bullets, because there's another Bush speech next week: the State of the Union address. Forgot about that one, did you?

The speech will be the usual sack of outrageous bullshit, but delivered with the "humility" (trembling fear) we saw in last week's Surge Speech. We would advise skipping the whole sad routine, but for two possibly entertaining developments:

1) Remember Election Day? The Senate and House are now controlled by Democrats. While the party that's not even brave enough to Cut & Run will never impeach Bush & Cheney and provide America with the healing YouTube videos of awful decapitation-hangings, the Dems might refuse to stand up or applaud or whatever. Maybe Jon Tester will throw some cow feces at Bush.

2) The one Democrat in Congress brave enough to personally beat the hell out of Bush -- Virginia Senator Jim Webb -- is doing the rebuttal speech. This will be good television, and if you have HDTV you'll likely see the veins pulsing in his forehead and the steam rising from his ears.

Webb to Give Democrats' Rebuttal to State of the Union [Washington Post]


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