The Swiss Will Save Our Global Economy

  • Because things just can't go badly enough for poor Zimbabwe, it is now suffering a cholera outbreak which a presidential spokesman suggested was an American and British plot to "invade" the country. [BBC News]
  • Bank of America cut the credit line of Chicago-based Republic Windows & Doors, which in turn laid off its 250 workers without any severance pay, and now Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich says the state won't do any business with B of A until they restore Republic's line of credit. Critics say this sets a bad precedent for state meddling in private affairs. [Bloomberg]
  • Old people can now get their Jay Leno "fix" even earlier -- starting in the fall, he'll be on every goddamned weekday night at 10pm. [New York Times]
  • The men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks would like to plead guilty and be sentenced before Barack Obama becomes president and possibly prevents them from being martyred by the death penalty. [AP]
  • Nancy Pelosi dressed up like a giant cranberry yesterday and spoke at a press conference about bailing out Detroit. [Washington Post]
  • Pretty much every employer everywhere in the world (except the US, Canada and Switzerland) expects to hire fewer people next quarter. [Wall Street Journal]

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