The Theater Comes Alive With Big Fat Gay Jewish Men


Tonight through Sunday, May 16: South Korean films are known for being ridiculously violent, but South Koreans have feelings too and are capable of making comedies, dramas and even love stories. You can see how versatile South Korean films are by going to the Freer Gallery's Korean Film Fest DC. [Freer Gallery]

  • Saturday, April 10: If your attention span is non-existent, you will certainly enjoy the "Shorts-Courts-Kurz" event at the Goethe-Institut. It's a showcase of different short films from foreign film festivals, but beware, you will need to at least have the capacity to read the subtitles. [Goethe-Insitut]
  • Saturday, April 10: Can't get enough of the Real World DC? If yes, well, that's unfortunate, but if you must continue to indulge in it, go see cast member Josh Colon’s band Wicked Liquid play at the Rock 'N Roll Hotel on Saturday night. [Rock 'N Roll Hotel]
  • Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, June 27: Here's a new one: a show called [title of show] written by struggling writers about what it's like to be struggling writers! And it's a musical, and it's supposed to be super witty, and, okay, fine, it's also supposed to be very, very good. [Signature Theater]
  • Tuesday, April 13 through Sunday, May 2: Find as many Jews as you can and a goy or two if you must, and head to the National Theater for "Fiddler on The Roof" starring none other than the big fat gay Jewish Harvey Fierstein himself. [National Theater]

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