The Thing About Criminals

* The reason we torture innocent people is because Canada made a mistake and should say that it's sorry. [The Hill]

* There's this whole book based on something Jerry Ford said that he shouldn't of, and then shook the shit out of a reporter until it agreed it wouldn't be published until the Great Man's death. [Poltiical Wire]

* It seems that the purpose of spying is like, you know, to spy. [TPMmuckraker]

* More and more of the Justice Dept. is under investigation, which is good because it's important for law enforcement officials to stay on their toes. [Think Progress]

* OMG Jeff Gannon is like soo important. [Jeff Gannon]

* Andrew Sullivan's opinions are always very well informed, and that's why he's right about so many things. [Andrew Sullivan]

* Wait, so you're saying that Hillary just needs to get laid? [Fresh Intelligence]


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