The Tim James Campaign Ad Tradition Lives On

The Tim James Campaign Ad Tradition Lives On

Remember sense-making Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim "son of Fob" James, who won America's heart -- if not enough Alabaman votes -- by shuffling around in some big ol' house, muttering crap about English-only driving tests? James must have forgotten to pay his YouTube user's fee, because his personal news reellinksno longer work! Shucks. But hey, we've got some NEW walkers in town -- and one's from "the Sarah Palin state."

Watch Republican Joe Miller -- "the true conservative choice for the U.S. Senate in Alaska" -- as he walks around the forest dressed up like Paul Bunyan, complaining about ObamaCare and gun rights and OH YEAH, picking up and holding moose antlers. The antlers are props that he uses to make points about current senator Lisa Murkowski, who "sheds her views" when she goes to Washington. Meeses (and Murkowskis) are slobs:

[youtube expand=1]

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Republican Senate candidate Jim Bender is also hoping to walk his way to victory by showing voters "his soles" and hanging out with economists who must take jobs as cobblers to make ends meet:

[youtube expand=1]

Walking: It still saves money, and it still makes sense (only if you do it in English, though). [Joe Miller/Jim Bender]


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