The Time An Abortion Protester 'Counseled' Me

Yesterday's SCOTUS decision striking down a protester buffer ring around Massachusetts health clinics made me remember the time I got "counseled" by a man protesting Planned Parenthood. He yelled "MURDERER!" at me and waved a Bible. I was 25, scared, and fresh off a nasty surprise in the form of a broken condom. I blurted out, "Not yet!"

I wasn't trying to be sassy, believe it or not. I was just being honest. I felt so guilty at having sex outside of a monogamous relationship. I'd never done that before, not really. I was 25 and had been having sex with boys for four years, more or less. I wasn't particularly "good" at it, or so I thought (it took a few years before I realized sex was not a competition with some imaginary ideal). I had only begun drinking alcohol at 23, during my first year of teaching, and so I didn't have much experience with what happens when a lot of booze combines with a lack of self-esteem and a determination to live life like women on that documentary series, "Sex and the City." READ MORE ON HNTP


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