The Time Is Still Not Right For America's First Hot President

Geena.jpgIt's been a bad year for fictional Presidents. Not that the real one hasn't had his share of setbacks, but when his numbers plummet they don't replace him with an improv comedian. The same cannot be said of Geena Davis, whose Commander in Chief is being put on hiatus. ABC claims the show will be back with new episodes, possibly with the title "President Girl!" Also, Davis will now solve murders weekly in her advanced crime lab with her gruff, no-nonsense Vice President and sassy black Attorney General.

There's some sort of grand metaphor for something or other in the fact that the show about the first female President is being trounced by a show (American Idol) organized as a farcical parody of democracy, but we're too busy not watching Commander in Chief to work it out.

Geena's Commander in Chief Slips in Polls [People]

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