The Tiny Terror: APPREHENDED!

One of Wonkette's downtown operatives writes to point out that the reign of the Tiny Terror may be over. Vigilant readers may recall that the Midget Menace was the subject of semi-panicky inter-office memos, warning employees about a "black male" who is "very aggressive and . . . about 4 feet tall." He also could be bought off with miniature candy bars. In any case, WP reports that "D.C. police detectives arrested a 37-year-old Northwest Washington man yesterday on burglary charges, alleging that he stole items from five office buildings in the last three months." Sure, it doesn't mention him being too short for most roller coasters, but the M.O. seems to match; they suspect the compact cat-burglary of filching "laptop computers, cellular phones, credit cards and cash." So rest easy, cubicle residents, your small appliances (and small candy bars) are safe. . . for now.

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