The True Story About The Man Behind Chef Boyardee! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 6, 2023

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LOL Trump had two Chinese spy balloons, they were just never made public :) Oh wait, it's three now. (AP)

The top 5 things Joe Biden has done to strengthen the economy! (Center for American Progress)

The race to the right on trans stuff — with Trump leading from behind because it "thrills" his base — is terrifying. — Dave Weigel at Semafor

Memphis's now disbanded SCORPION unit some real pieces of shit. (Gift link New York Times)

Rep. Mean Marge Greene is GRR MAD — as she explains to journalist Glenn Greenwald on his podcast — that Congress is so miserable, and such small paychecks!

She also complained that she gets harassed on the street by people who "come up to me and say crazy things to me out of the blue in public places that they believe because they read it on the internet or saw it on some news show about me."

— Insider

Will Bunch does not care for the AR-15 pins a buncha assholes are wearing to Congress. (Inquirer)

Red states are blocking federal election monitors. CREW would like to know what the feds are doing about it.

Can't go to work if there's nobody to watch your kids, that's illegal. And one in four parents reports having been fired for not having child care. — 19th News

Priscilla Presley, don't sue your granddaughters for their mother's money, that's tacky as shit.(CNN)

Columbia Journalism Review tapped Jeff Gerth of Whitewater to analyze the media and Trump Russia. He did a bad job. — Lawyers Guns & Money

Dok linked this briefly over the weekend, but this on geothermal (and maybe the fossil fuel companies would be happy to push it?!) is really interesting and hopeful. (The American Prospect)

It is time for our annual retelling of the time Geraldine from Everywhereist went to the Michelin starred restaurant and did not get "food."

What is raclette, and when can we eat it? (Eat the Story)

Chef Boyardee? Okay Mashed, I'll bite.

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