The Twitter Industry, Comprised Solely Of Website, Saves American Economy Forever


  • America's economy has expanded for the first time in four quarters, presumably by exchanging the four quarters in for a dollar. [AP]
  • An online anthology of song lyrics that do not quite merit away message status—"Twitter"—is America's only successful business. [Reuters]
  • Here is a linguistic Venn Diagram about the differences, similarities, and overlapping too-small-to-write-in sliver re: Congress' feelings about the health care bill. [New York Times]
  • Watch the Washington Post try very hard to make "the bill that stole Christmas" meme happen. [Washington Post]
  • Obama has selected eBay's Howard Schmidt person as his new cybersecurity czar-by-any-other-name. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The actual Rain Man who inspired the movie Rain Man and its famous character, Rain Man, has died of a heart attack. [Times Online]

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