Outrageous Things That People Have Tried To Sell Online! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 27, 2021

Outrageous Things That People Have Tried To Sell Online! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 27, 2021

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Trigger warning for WHAAAAAAT??????

Motion by Claudette Colvin, 82, to expunge her juvenile record of ... refusing to stand up for a white girl on the bus in 1955, for which she is still on probation. (Motion)

Merrick Garland does not seem to be doing his job in investigating those who plotted the January 6 coup (Elie Mystal at The Nation). Meanwhile, threats to elections officials are getting worse. (CNN)

Hey, you know how we couldn't get rid of private insurance with Obamacare because it was too heavily enmeshed throughout the economy? We really shouldn't stand up a paid leave program from scratch if we're going to just make it private insurers, that's dumb stupid and bullshit. (People's Policy Project)

As a pay-for for Build Back Better, Elizabeth Warren's 15 percent minimum tax on corporations with more than $1 billion in profits heart-hug-emoji. (Warren Senate)

More on what happened on the set of Rust, when Alec Baldwin shot and killed the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. There had already been prop gun injuries, and the assistant director who gave Baldwin the gun has been fired before for prop gun injuries on a different movie. Meanwhile, the camera crew had just walked out over unfair labor practices on the set. Baldwin is a producer. There sure does seem to be a lot going on. — LA Times


Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a Republican, put it more bluntly in a text message to his chief of staff Merle Madrid: "This rationale is asinine. I should vote no."

— He did not vote no! (Columbus Dispatch)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott loves The Troops so much he's slashing their benefits so he can spend $300 million for his Border photo ops. — Army Times

Princess Mako — no longer Princess Mako — married her boyfriend and it made me cry just a tiny. Also fuck entirely any protesters who think they are supposed to get a say. (Reuters) Meanwhile eighty-three Twitter accounts are responsible for seventy percent of the abuse hurled at Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry (if he is still prince, I don't even know). Not bots: real people whose life mission it is to (get paid to?) tweet nasty shit at the Black feminist princess (if she is still a princess, I don't know that either). (Buzzfeed)

Yeah, I don't know. We desperately need progressive media with money behind it, but also "Shadow" fucked off the Iowa results like WHOA ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING, maybe they could give all the money to us instead. (Do not give us all the money, I do not need that kind of grief.) — Axios

The worst year to be alive was not actually 2020, it was 536. Thanks science! — Accuweather


This is the Amish grocery store I drive 30 miles to as a special treat to buy every kind of candy and every kind of everything. I had assumed we all call it the Amish grocery store but that it was really the sort-of-Amishy Hutterites, but the Internet tells me no, there is a community of about 150 Amish people right in Mission, where we also get our Amish pepper starts from the Amish nursery that is also not Hutterite, I now realize somewhat belatedly. (Flathead Beacon)

Shiny! Meso-American monuments revealed by by SHARKS with LASER BEAMS! (Not sharks. Just laser beams.) — Science

An oral history of the beloved Russian classic "Remake of Married With Children." (Mel Magazine)

And a rare tabs hed, it's Outrageous Things People Have Tried to Sell Online! I would buy all of them, particularly the nightmare factories with teeth. — Nature World Today

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