The United Nations Needs James Bond To Save The Day

The United Nations Needs James Bond To Save The Day
The UN is not doing its job right, jobs are becoming more neurotic, and Chinese bureaucrats are apparently the James Bonds of the East. Plus, it's my last day!

  • Rio+20 is not doing well and it's making the United Nations look bad because more people are dying from pollution and impure water than climate change. Yeah, yeah, the United Nations don't need any help in looking bad. I mean, have you seen their Tumblr? Ours is far superior. [Slate]
  • Here is an article about the future of work and how neurotic the job market is going to get. Did you know there was a job called a "paid grave site visitor"? We at Wonkette would say yes to that, but only if we had insurance against zombies. [The Atlantic]
  • Yes, we have evolved to eat meat. Suck it, vegetarians! Your conscious choice about your diet is silly because evolution says so! [NPR]
  • Finally, a new market in books is emerging in China about low-level bureaucrats. Obviously their lives are more intriguing than our low-level bureaucrats, who are just obsessed with keeping you from your doctor. [Foreign Policy]

And finally, it's my last day as intern, for the summer, at least. I'm working on a few projects now, including one about the fans of the Olympics, if you still want to follow me! But otherwise, it's been an education, a privilege, a pleasure, an honor, a delight, and some other stuff.


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