The Untold Truth Of Sauerkraut. Tabs, Mon., Feb. 7, 2022

The Untold Truth Of Sauerkraut. Tabs, Mon., Feb. 7, 2022

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if a conservative Republican three-decade police chief can get recalled from a county board of supervisors in California by a bunch of militia goons for not being militia-goony enough, then ... what's the phrase? Right: It Can Happen Here. (LA Times background / Guardian results)

(Five seconds later.) We regret to inform you the Tucker Carlson-approved racists are allegedly meth dealers who burgled a dead man's home.

In 2020, when the couple vandalized the mural at the height of protests for racial justice following police officers’ killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the two were praised by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who said they should be commended for their “bravery” and that the authorities who charged them with a hate crime “should be impeached.”

[David] Nelson, on the show, said he has “no problem with Black people,” but is bothered by the BLM movement because “they have a hidden agenda” and “we’re sick of the narrative.”

“Why do you think you were charged with a hate crime?” Carlson asked, according to a previous Mercury News report.

“It’s because we decided to stand against an organization we don’t agree with,” Nelson replied, saying, “We’re being silenced. It’s a cancel culture that we’re living in.”

“They’ve done more harm than they’ve done good, Tucker,” Nelson added. “When we stand up and give them a little iota, taste of their own medicine, this is the extreme measures that are being taken and we can’t let it happen.”

“Man, you’ve got a lot of brass,” an impressed Carlson said. “This was a brave thing to do.”

:/ (The Grio)

The wellness-to-white-supremacy pipeline: Canadian Freedom Trucker Convoy edition. — Friday Things

How come the Bari Weisses and the Andrew Sullivans and the Bill Mahers are being completely silent about actual governments banning actual books? — Molly Jong-Fast free link at The Atlantic

Whoopi Goldberg certainly wasn't being malicious when she said the Holocaust wasn't about race; she was just wrong. Adam Serwer on why race doesn't have to exist for racism to. (The Atlantic)

That's a pretty "innovation hub campus," Detroit. Don't let Google get its grubby paws anywhere near it, please and thank you! (Fox 2)

We never hear about oil spills, and it's not because they're not happening. They're happening all the time. (DeSmog)

This lady is the new EIC of Pueblo, Colorado's paper The Chieftain. I approve this message: “As far as the city goes, we should do what they do in even the most industrial, godforsaken cities in France and make our city enviously beautiful,” [Karin] Zeitvogel said. Just don't forget beauty is flowers and bread too. (Chieftain)

Are female professors held to a different standard than their male counterparts? A durr durr durr durr. — Forbes

Learn a thing about Fair Use! via Cory Doctorow's twitter.

Okay sauerkraut WHAT ARE YOU HIDING. (Mashed)

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