The U.S. Supreme Court: A Mighty Fine Lookin' Building

In a long but interesting article in this morning's Washington Post that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Alito nomination, we learn the following:

One 25-minute meeting, between Judge Alito and Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee (R.I.), a key Republican moderate, took place on the Capitol steps at Chafee's insistence, so they could both be looking and pointing at the Supreme Court when they spoke.

What a great idea, Senator Chafee! We can only imagine the conversation between the two men:

SupremeCourt.jpgSen. Chafee: So, Judge Alito, you want a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court -- a nice fancy office, in that big building over there?
Judge Alito: Yes, Senator Chafee -- that one.Sen. Chafee: That big white building, the marble-looking one?

Judge Alito: Yes, Senator.

Sen. Chafee: With all those columns out front -- Doric, Ionic, I never can tell?

Judge Alito: Yes, Senator -- the Supreme Court building, located at One First Street, Washington, DC, 20543.

Sen. Chafee: Can you promise me you won't overturn Roe v. Wade?

Judge Alito: I'm afraid not, Senator Chafee. That issue might come before the Court.

Sen. Chafee: Okay, fair enough. I may just have to vote against you then -- nothing personal. It sure is a nice-looking building!

A career tip for our readers: When applying for a job, always request that the interview be held across the street from the office. When asked why you want the job, point dramatically at the building and say, "I really want to work there!"

Republicans Were Masters In the Race to Paint Alito [WP]


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