The U.S. Wants To Be Friends With China, Despite China's Very Questionable Other, North Korean Friendships


  • Eight soldiers were killed on Saturday in a region of Afghanistan that the U.S. was kinda already supposed to have left. [Washington Post]
  • Obama has said NO THANK YOU to hanging out with the Dalai Lama. He will do this to impress his new popular friends, the Chinese, who hate the Dalai Lama like so much. [Washington Post]
  • ...and China will attempt to become better friends with North Korea. You see, they have communism in common! [Reuters]
  • The socialists have won Greece's national elections! Technically, now, Barack Obama is the first black president of Greece. [WSJ]
  • October 25th is the big day for some U.N. inspectors, who will go to Iran and get to visit the newly un-secret underground weapons cave thing! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Pay-per-minute telephone psychic Alan Greenspan says the following: unemployment will reach 10% in the third quarter, but the economy overall will grow 3%. [CNN]

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