The Washingtonienne's Served

We continue to applaud the Hyperion publicists for their efforts on behalf of "The Washingtonienne." First, Robert Steinbauch files a subtle "invasion of privacy" suit against the eponymous blogtress. Then "Roll Call" "rejects" a bosom-heaving ad on the book's behalf. And last night? Steinbauch served papers to the mail-attendent minx... at her book signing. She was prepared to read from the suit before someone cautioned her against it. We have no such caution.

We do have immense, raging jealousy. Served at the signing! So best. Well, Disney didn't get to be Disney by taking half-measures now did they? We look forward to the next stunt and we hope it involves a blender.

UPDATED:Jessica Cutler at Olsson's: you (maybe) got served! [DCeiver]

Washingtonienne: You Got Served [DCist]


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