The Way, the Truth, the Spitzer

spitzerad.jpgThe same week a poll shows Eliot Spitzer leading the race for New York governor by more than 60 points, the Democratic candidate releases the least substantial political ad since Hubert Humphrey's legendary "Spiro Agnew: Douchebag" gambit. Adorable multiracial kids, looking like the lost cast of Barney, frolick in the streets. Messages like "Pre-K for all" and "Spitzer for Governor" are scrawled on the kind of chalkboard that only exists in Head of the Class reruns. There's no narration. Instead, Judy Collins sings "This Little Light of Mine." Except... well, didn't "This Little Light of Mine" start as a negro spiritual? Isn't it basically a Christian pride anthem? What can we divine about the liberal Spitzer's stance on prayer in schools or condom handouts? ("If a boy wants into your pants, you don't need 'protection' - just say a prayer and keep your light shining! Until you're married.")

Another Spitzer Short [The Daily Politics]

Spitzer and Clinton lead in primary: poll [New York Business]

-- David Weigel


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