Didn't we use this picture the other day? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?

Hi, Wonk! We are very tired for because Dok is on "vacation" like a common "emperor of France" or something, and we have been writing you 1,000-word pieces on "Trump Russia Scandal, These Dicks Going To Jail Yet?" and it's breaking our brain. So how's about we just listen to a nice song together?

It's from an entertainment company called Super Deluxe, and it's a whole bunch of Donald Trump quotes, as warbled by a stereotypical early 2000s emo type singer. Think Fall Out Boy, but less produced and more pitchy? All-American Rejects? Anyway, the point is that the genre works really well for the weak, non-tremendous words that come out of Donald Trump's Tweeter and his Mouth-Tweeter, because his utterances are sadder than any teenage angst shit from The Era That Started Five Years After Alternative Music Stopped Being Good.

But don't worry, it won't bum you out! It's hilarious, actually, because it's funny to think about Donald Trump being sad. Enjoy!

Did you die LOLing when it got to the "thin-skinned" part? Yes you did, you are now dead.

Well, come back to life, because this is your OPEN THREAD!

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[h/t Super Deluxe on Twitter]

Evan Hurst

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