A couple of your comments that made us laugh, made us cry, and, most importantly, made us think.

* "I imagine?" WTF? "Why I imagine that Bradley Belt was yanked into the land of Faerie, to serve as slave and jester in the court of Oberon the Faerie King for the next 650 years. Perhaps he will be given the ears of a donkey! Perhaps he will be transformed into a Rowan tree at the whim of the capricious magical King! Who knows! This is Scott McClellan: IMAGINEER."

* Face it, she's a CILF.

* Shhh! Don't you understand what you're doing?!?! Simply by talking in public about the details of our nation's email system, you're GIVING AWAY SECRETS TO THE TERRORISTS. This is the FBI's first denial, to confuse the enemies about the extent of our tech arsenal. Next, expect a press release about how politicians and big-wigs are actually carrying around small, tasty berries in their pockets which are for snacking purposes only, and have no data storage/transmittal capabilities whatsoever. That'll trick 'em!

* ah, the first picture is classic. the atf: defending 'merica against swarthy men who may or may not have broken out of jail and into a beautiful coconut paradise everywhere.

* Souter: "God, Roberts. You're suck a MICK. Oh my God. I'm totally, totally, totally, totally sorry for that."

* Um, Kennedy is clearly the gayest justice, having authored both Romer v. Evans, 517 US 620, 626 (1996) ("We hereby hold that the state of Colorado is in a state of De-NIAL! We mean really, banning gay rights was totally a front to take attention away from it's gay cowboys! Meow!") and Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558, 558-66 (2003) ("Freedom . . . to a private . . . 'anal sex' . . . touching . . . the most private of places . . . buggery . . . is . . . our obligaton.").

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