The Week In Garbage Humans: Nazis Rally In Georgia, Proud Boy Doesn't Like How Women Vote, And MORE!


Hello and welcome to The Week In Garbage Men -- the part of the week in which we take a look at the manosphere, the alt-right and beyond, and then take very hot showers afterwards. This week, however, we're going with garbage HUMANS on account of the fact that some of the Nazis rallying in Newnan, Georgia may be women, and there is no reason to think that they are not just as monstrous as the men marching there today.


Yes. The Fucking Nazis Are Marching. Again.

A bunch of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists are marching today in Newnan, Georgia, in order to celebrate Hitler's birthday (which was yesterday, but whatever). Naturally, the police are battle ready and already cracking down on... the people who came to protest the Nazis. Because they are wearing masks.

The march was organized at least in part by the National Socialist Movement. The group's "chief of staff" told reporters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution all about how he is very much looking forward to getting to put immigrants in concentration camps.

“We will be hitting on all of the hot-button issues,” Burt Colucci, the “chief of staff” for the National Socialist Movement, said. “If it is controversial in America, we gonna talk about it.”

On illegal immigration, for example, Colucci said, “We need to round them up and put them in camps if need be. Like we did the Italians, Germans and Japanese. We are at war with the illegals.”

BRB, going to to check out Mr. Colucci's great-grandparents' citizenship records! Seriously though, are any of these neo-Nazis even actual Aryans? Isn't it a little weird for them, sitting around talking about the Master Race when they are not even part of the Master Race? I would think it would be! Then again, he also does not appear to know who we were even fighting in WWII, so he's probably too daft for this to even occur to him.

Gavin McInnes: Women Vote With Their Hearts And That Is BAD

Gavin McInnes, king or whatever of the PROUD BOYS, has a TV show. Sorta. He has some sort of TV show type thing on CRTV (Conservative Review Television), and it's on YouTube.

Earlier this week, on this "TV show" McInnes went on a rant all about how liberals need conservatives to "save us" from ourselves, on account of how we are all too busy putting cream on our boobs. Yeah, I don't know either. As an example of this, McInnes cited some tweets from University of Denver law professor Nancy Leong about how she was harassed by an Uber driver who was a giant creep who tried to lock her inside the car and take her to a hotel. For no reason whatsoever, McInnes decided that this Uber driver was an immigrant, and an illegal one at that. He also referred to her as “insanely hot” and deemed her an "8.8." Because all these meninists are weirdly obsessed with using a ten point scale to rate people's attractiveness.

According to McInnes, this is a situation women have brought upon themselves, because they don't hate immigrants enough.

“Immigrants, mass immigration, that’s women voting, voting with their hearts, feelings—‘They just want a place to stay. They just want a place to crash.’—so they bring in illegals and Muslims and these Uber drivers end up killing people in New York and they tried to kill her”

Then, commenting on the fact that she turned to some construction workers for help, said that she ought to be grateful for "toxic masculinity"

“Luckily, there was toxic masculinity there to save the day. Good job, construction workers. Good thing Nancy Leong didn’t get her way and abolish masculinity, because it ended up saving her life. You see what I’m screaming?”

I don't think anyone sees what you are screaming, Gavin. In fact, I am pretty certain that no one, certainly not Nancy Leong, has ever cited "helping a person who is in trouble" as exemplary of "toxic masculinity." Also, how does he know that some of these construction workers were not women? Is it the same way he knows the Uber driver was an immigrant? Is Gavin McInnes psychic? Does his circa-2004 ironic mustache give him magic powers of some kind? Probably not. Probably he is just an idiot.

[Right Wing Watch]

MGTOW Imagines Perfect Revenge For Lady Who Didn't Bang Him 4 Years Ago

Once upon a time, MGTOW redditor Caliban991 liked a girl at his job. Then, recently, he found out that his boss at his new job also knew this girl, and that she was friends with his wife. The girl then gets in touch with him to see if he wants to catch up, and he assumes this is because she now knows that he makes 75,000 American dollars a year, and wants to steal all of his money. BUT, rather than say "No" or catch up with an old friend like a normal human, he figures out the perfect way to thwart her! By asking her to split the check! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a very sick burn!

Old oneitis chick called me up last night, asked me to go to dinner with her next week.

Didn’t take particularly long to put it all together- I had found out a few weeks before that she was an old friend of my boss’s wife at my new job, they all connected the dots that we knew each other. Small world- I actually knew my boss from an old job (different department), and oneitis was from the job after that.

Anyway, I suspected she found what I make now via bosses wife, (who no doubt was on the couch with him when he sent me my raise email the night before. Worked my ass off and I just hit 75k, not bad at all for a college dropout that just entered the ass-end of his 20s). Less than 24 hours later, she drops me a line after almost a year of no contact and pulls the “oh it’s been so long we should catch up” line. She’s still working the crap job I left 4 years ago making just barely over 40k a year.

Once upon a time I had it bad for her, but several bitch girlfriends and nasty breakups since have robbed me of any illusions I once had.

So I’m going, but with my eyes wide open and no intention of going back to the plantation. Figure I can go out, have a couple drinks and a nice steak, and watch the reaction on her post-wall face when I ask for a separate check.

Dinner and a show, can’t beat it.

Yes, that should be very exciting. Probably this will bother her a whole bunch and she will run off into a corner and cry about it. And for sure, someone who makes $40,000 a year is SO DESPERATE for dinner that they will sit through an entire meal with a weird, vengeful MGTOW just to get it for free. Does this guy get women or WHAT?

That was fun, no? If anything bonkers goes down at the Nazi rally, I'll pop back in with an update, but or now... CLASS DISMISSED! You may all talk amongst yourselves, for this is your open thread! Also, if you are so inclined, we sure would appreciate it if you would toss some cash moneys into our tip jar!

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