There is little question that this has been a goddamned weird week for the garbage men of the world. Starting with the Matthew Heimbach saga and moving forward. So let's just jump right in, shall we?

Canadian White Nationalist Tries To Impregnate Autistic Hispanic Teen In Order To Get U.S. Citizenship

This week, The Daily Beast reported that Jean-Francois Gariepy, a prominent alt-right YouTuber and "white nationalist" known to associate with Richard Spencer, attempted to impregnate a 19-year-old autistic Texas teenager for the purposes of securing citizenship in the United States. The teenager is described as being Hispanic, which is curious given that Gariepy regularly makes videos in which he whines a lot about how bad he wants an all-white ethnostate.

Gariepy met the young girl online in January of 2016, when he was still living in North Carolina and still legally married to his third wife.

On July 10, 2016, the teenager drove to North Carolina to meet Gariepy, she told the psychologist. She and Gariepy had sex—her first intimate experience. She claimed Gariepy wanted to impregnate her and be a “stay-at-home dad.” She told the psychologist that Gariepy was a YouTuber, and that, while she did not know if he made any money, he had promised to give her a cooking show.

Within weeks, the young woman’s parents successfully applied for guardianship of her and brought her home to Texas. When she returned, she told her parents she was engaged to Gariepy and pregnant with his child, even though Gariepy was still married, and both urine and blood tests revealed the teenager was not pregnant.

Gariepy filed a motion to dispute their claim to guardianship, claiming that the young woman was his fiancée and they were trying to have a baby together. The young woman has been described by counselor as having “the social and mental maturity of a 10- or 11-year-old child.”

Gariepy is also involved in a custody dispute with his third wife, who received sole custody of their newborn child after presenting evidence in court that Gariepy threatened to take the baby and move back to Canada.

He of course claims that none of this is true, and it's all just a bunch of "leftist women" trying to make him look bad. Sure it is!

I can't possibly do the extreme weirdness of the whole story justice over here, so definitely take the time to go and read the whole report at The Daily Beast. It is truly bizarre.

Nazis Want Dylann Roof's Sister To Be Their Eva Braun

Morgan Roof, sister of mass murderer Dylan Roof, was arrested this week for carrying weapons and drugs on her during on the day of the school walkout. The day before, Roof posted the following missive on Snapchat:

Your walking out for the allowed time of 17min, they are letting you do this, nothing is gonna change what tf you think it’s gonna do? I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot we know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walkin out anyway. No offense ofc buuut

"No offense." I hope you get shot, but "no offense."

As soon as I read the news, my very first thought was that all the Nazi lunatics across the internet were going to declare her their new Aryan Princess.

I was not wrong.

Not because I am psychic, but because these people are very, very predictable. The next day, David Futrelle at We Hunted The Mammoth reported that, indeed, internet Nazis were swooning over Roof.

In a post at the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin declared his love for Roof (although he says he has a "sort of" girlfriend, whom we can all safely assume lives in Canada).

How hilarious would it be if I dated Dylann Roof’s sister?

Can you even imagine? I think the entire staff of the SPLC would have heart attacks simultaneously.

Morgan, email me – Write “THIS IS MORGAN ROOF” in the subject line, because I get six trillion emails per day and only ever lightly skim them. I won’t tell anyone you contacted me, hand to God.

Just so you understand, I am not simply a heavily accomplished genius and a key influence on your brother’s writing (he cited this article, among others, even though he wasn’t even j-woke at the time), I am also an extremely handsome man in peak physical condition.

And he posted this image of himself and Roof on Gab, the Twitter for Nazis:


Roof was also quite popular among the Twitter deplorables:

Meanwhile, Over At r/braincels...

Although Reddit banned the incels subreddit some time ago, they still keep popping back up. Now they're back and as repugnant as ever, in the form of r/braincels, posting memes like the one you see above you and whining about Stacies and Chads.

And talking about how Joseph Goebbels just really gets them.

In one recent post, one of the incels said he has figured out the real reason why women find their subreddit repulsive -- and as it turns out, it is not because of posts about how they need their own Hitler or how often they talk about how women should be forced to have sex with them. No! It is because they understand us and our ways too well, and we are mad that they have us figured out.

Women hate men discussing how to get better access to sex (that's PUA's goal although it fails pretty much) and what women's true nature is like (MGTOW, looks redpill). Now I didn't watch that Mel Gibson movie What Women Want, but my impression is that women generally liked it, thus, I guess that it was some bluepill about women just wanting a loving, caring guy. If the movie had shown how women will do anything for Chad, then women would feel exposed and would have hated it. if it showed "cheatcodes" to get women into bed (so they can lie there having orgasms), they would have found it misogynistic.

And because women can't for them life of them logic, they can't counterargue our fundamental points. They instead pick out the edgy posts and strawman the whole community to death with their emotional posting and basic sarcasm.

TLDR: Women wouldn't hate this place so much if our theories were wrong, bluepilled and painted them in a better light. They need to get fucked right in the pussy.

Oh no, we've been found out. OH WELL, GUESS WE'LL JUST GO CRY ABOUT IT TO CHAD.

Anyway, now that I have cheered you all up... it is your open thread! Enjoy, I guess. And don't forget to tip your servers!

[We Hunted The Mammoth | The Daily Beast]

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