The Week In Garbage Men: MGTOWs Are Jealous Of Harvey Weinstein

Hello! And welcome to your weekly update of all the garbage things happening in the MANOSPHERE and beyond!

This week, the MGTOWs have some thoughts about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. For the unhep, MGTOW stands for "Men Going Their Own Way." They are a group of men who hate women so much they have decided that the only thing left to do is to avoid us! Which we are fine with! But they sure do spend a whole lot of time whining about us and how evil we are.

This week, they've had a lot to say about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and -- as you might imagine -- their take is slightly different from the take anyone else has on the subject.

One MGTOW, Zombocom1911, lamented the fact that Weinstein was heard "begging" for sex on the tapes, and wondered WHAT EVEN IS THE POINT OF ANYTHING if someone that rich and powerful has to grovel for sex like a common?

What is the fucking point of being that rich (net worth $255 million) and powerful (can cast anyone he wants in films with A-list celebs), if you still have to beg and grovel like this audio recording of his? What the fuck? pathetic. IF I had 1/100th of his fortune, I could be living like a absolute king in any number of countries.

In the comments on that post, a fellow MGTOW with the charming user name of "nofilmynofucky" (There's a whole fun MRA thing where they say they will only have sex with women if it's being filmed, so she can't accuse them of rape later) shared his disappointment that the women sexually harassed by Weinstein were not being charged for prostitution:

Those women are literal prostitutes, pure and simple.

As with every instance of prostitution, a price must be negotiated beforehand. Weinstein happens to be enormously unattractive, so this negotiation is more difficult for him than one would assume based solely on his net worth/level of power.

At the end of the day though: he still fucked all those whores, so regardless of his negotiation tactics, he still 'won' in the end.

they're just a bunch of disgusting degenerates willing to bend over and take a few pumps in exchange for money: nothing more, nothing less. Weinstein is undeniably piece of shit but that does not make these whores into victims. They made their choice, did very well out of the deal and deserve no sympathy.

Frankly, if they live in an area where prostitution is illegal, they should be charged accordingly.

In another post, titled "Free Harvey Weinstein," another MGTOW argued that he'd done nothing wrong, and the women he harassed were "beasts" trying to take him down for no good reason.

People without power and money cannot understand how women act and dress around those who have it...they see an opportunity to knock someone down to their level and its like a hungry beast at a buffet...sure he was inappropriate but does he deserve all of this?

Then there was another post about how it was UNFAIR for Ashley Judd to have said such mean things about Donald Trump's pussy-grabbing when she had never told anyone about Harvey Weinstein harassing her. This, the MGTOWs concluded, was because Weinstein is Jewish.

The MGTOWs, of course, were not the only ones with gross things to say about the Weinstein scandal. As David Futrelle highlighted earlier this week, A Voice For Men founder Paul Elam wrote a charming essay suggesting that everything that went down in the scandal part of an unspoken social contract in which women trade what's between their legs for a man's power and money, and the real victims here are men, and the women who never made it onto Weinstein's casting couch.

Now, women using sex to get power meets with little or no criticism in modern times. By hook or crook, they can swallow and get paid for it and it bothers exactly no one. Men usually won’t complain because their main objective is sex.

But on the other side of this longstanding social contract, men don’t enjoy the same social laxness. They are vulnerable when participating in the same, exact arrangement. Even years down the road the women who willingly and aggressively pursue using sex to gain power from men can suddenly and successfully paint themselves in the light of victim and cash in a second time, usually to much more painful effect.

Oh! Those poor men! And also the women who can't get ahead through fellatio. Pun definitely not intended.

However, I also won’t choose to ignore that every time a woman gets a promotion or a raise from fellating her boss, someone else, probably someone harder working and more deserving, gets left out in the cold. Often, it’s other women who are less attractive, or who won’t suck dick for an edge at work.

I don't know if I can say this commentary is actually worse than Harvey Weinstein, but it comes about as close as you can get.

And now that you are sufficiently grossed out... YOUR OPEN THREAD!


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