The Week In Garbage Men: MGTOWs Declare Sex Dolls 'The New Standard Of Beauty'


And she can even change a tire!

We've been spending a lot of time with the winners of r/incels lately -- mostly because they are incredibly terrible, but I thought it would be nice this week to check in on the Men Going Their Own Way and see what they are up to these days. Which is apparently having some #opinions on the face of a sex doll.

This sex doll, to be precise:

Now, as you may or may not know, MRAs and MGTOWs are very excited about all the new sex doll and sex robot technology. Largely because they believe that not only will it give them the option of finally having the pliant, submissive supermodel of their dreams to have sex with, but also because they think that if they all Lysistrata us ladies with sex dolls and sex robots, we will all collectively freak out and decide to give up feminism FOREVER in order to get them to pick us over the sex dolls, and then they will win.

The MGTOW posting this "Amazing" sex doll face was pretty excited over how realistic it is, but not everyone was convinced! Especially one guy who said she was not as "realistic" as another sex doll he had seen, which other MGTOWs were swiftly very excited about!

Wtf that is the most realistic one I've seen.

Seriously, at this level it doesn't even matter if it's fake I'd rather bang that than deal with entitled "I don't need no man" land whales.

Unfortunately for them, their dream sex doll turned out to be a real human woman:

Lol, thanks. Ironically, the real girl is putting on makeup that makes her look MORE like a doll than a real life woman.

So goes to show sex dolls will be the new standard of beauty, not the other way around.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they could actually make a doll that looks like her. The ones available aren't that far off in realism at all.

Oh yes, that will for sure be a thing that happens!

Another warned against the manufacturer of those dolls, and recommended this one, which costs $1,349, instead:

This very much appealed to another MGTOW, who was very sad that women in REAL life were never 70lbs.

Wow and she is lighter than biofemales too...

Come on women, time to woman up, get to the gym, you have to be this fit and 32kg to have a shot. And this isn't sarcasm, I like my women petite, fit and light.

Oh! So you mean all I would have to do is starve myself to be impossibly thin (and yet somehow still fit!), and then I'd have a shot with throwawaypsycho80, the guy who posts on the MGTOW reddit? WHAT A DEAL. Let me get on that right away!

One MGTOW, however, was particularly infuriated by the fact that the sex doll was wearing "makeup."

Women wear makeup to hide their defects and enhance their features.

Sex dolls are manufactured.

Sex dolls can be created in the image of perfect female beauty.

Perfect female beauty requires as much makeup as perfect male beauty -- none.

We get sex dolls slathered in porn star makeup with porn star dead eyes and 50-IQ expressions.

Fuck off.

How is that even fair? Why can't the sex doll just be a natural beauty?

Still, some of the MGTOWs were more positive:

Even if she's not your type, it's amazing how real they now look. And they will never age and never play mind games.


Personally, I eagerly welcome our sexdoll/sexbot replacements. Because the more sexbots there are, the more likely it is that these winners will continue going their own way and not attempt to inflict themselves on any real life women.


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