This week, the Southern Poverty Law Center released their official 2018 list 'o' hate groups -- which for the first time, now includes groups that direct their hate towards women, like Paul Elam's "Men's Rights" site A Voice For Men and the PUA/general misogyny site Return of Kings.

Now, we probably don't need the Southern Poverty Law Center to tell us that these groups hate women, we can all just look at their websites and go "YEP, they pretty much hate women!"

Return of Kings screen grab

A Voice For Men screen grab

Though the sites aren't necessarily "organized" the way an official group might be, recognizing them as hate groups is certainly an important step. People these days might not join official "groups" as often any more, and may now practice their hate on a more individual level, by becoming part of the community on hateful sites.

Both Paul Elam and the Return of Kings gang are very, very upset about this. ROK founder Roosh V even got so angry as to go full anti-Semite on Twitter.

This tweet, by the way, has resulted in my spending the last two days being bombarded by grossly anti-Semitic tweets from his supporters and a lot of other charming folks from The Daily Stormer where the tweet was posted, the majority of whom have Paul Nehlen avatars and related Twitter handles. They are apparently very angry that it is not OK to say "the Jews are coming after me" because "The SPLC is a Jewish organization." It's not. Morris Dees is a Unitarian who was raised as a Baptist. But even if there happen to be a lot of Jewish people involved in the organization, it's still just a regular organization that Jewish people happen to belong to. Like other organizations! Hell, even if it were the damn JCC, it would be creepy and anti-Semitic to tweet shit about "the Jews" coming after you.

Shockingly enough, when I went to report these tweets, each of these people had a ton of other racist and anti-Semitic tweets in their history. Who would have thought there would be so much crossover between misogynists and racists, except for everybody?

Over on the site itself, the job of whining about the designation was left to noted misogynist and all-around-bag-of-dicks Matt Forney.

He claims that the whole purpose of the SPLC hate groups list is to tell the Left who it is OK to MURDER:

The SPLC, ADL, and other related organizations like to masquerade as legitimate news organizations who are merely calling attention to violent, anti-government extremists, but this is as far from the truth as possible. In actuality, the SPLC functions as an intelligence-gathering operation for antifa and other violent leftists, compiling dossiers on chosen targets with the implicit message of, “It’s okay to hurt, maim, or kill these people: they’re Nazis/misogynists/homophobes, after all.”

Does he think that without the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center we would never figure out that Nazis, misogynists and homophobes are bad? Or that people even ARE Nazis, misogynists and homophobes? If you don't want it to be known that you hate women, perhaps you should be more quiet about the amount that you hate women? Did Matt Forney think he was operating in secret, despite being very open about his beliefs on the internet? Like his belief that men should treat overweight women like vermin?

Oh yes, without the SPLC, how would we ever have known!

Over on A Voice For Men, dingbat extraordinaire Paul Elam, rails against the SPLC for not wanting him to distribute all of the red pills to men in need:

But something has changed at the SPLC, because in the past couple of days they have announced, with some fanfare, that A Voice for Men and Return of Kings both have been judged by them to be hate groups and have been included on their list alongside the KKK, Stormfront, and other similar organizations.

So, there you have it. In a nutshell, this is where things stand. Twenty-five years of speaking out about men’s issues and reaching out to men living in blue pill hell, speaking the truth as I see it has earned me a place in what mainstream sensibilities assumes is the dark underbelly of modern hate. My name forever stained with an allegation that paints me as being at home in white sheets, saluting like a Nazi.

The question for the moment, just as it was in 2012, is simple. What now? What do I do with my work, my writing, my podcasts, my efforts to dispense as many red pills to as many men as I can in my life?

Dispensing these red pills, of course, somehow seems to require doxxing women he doesn't like!

The manosphere, in general, has always been a hate group. This just makes it "official."

Anyway, this is now your OPEN THREAD! Feel free to tip us on your way out!

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